We are incredibly proud to announce that Johanna has been featured on the list of Sweden’s top sustainability talents!

Today Aktuell Hållbarhet released their “”33 under 33”-list, highlighting the young talents who drive and set the agenda for sustainable development and helps to solve the challenges for a sustainable future. Johanna is a Sustainability Advisor at Ethos International with a specific focus on sustainability / ESG in the finance sector and value-adding sustainable business development. Her razor-sharp skills, enthusiasm, expertise, and creativity are some of the key assets that she brings to the table on a daily basis. She is appreciated by our clients and helps them perform better within sustainability. At the same time,  Johanna contributes to continuously developing Ethos International’s services within ESG / sustainable finance services.

The finance sector has a critical role to play in achieving the targets set out in the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, integrating sustainability considerations also leads to better risk identification and mitigation, opportunity identification and better returns on investments.  Therefore, we also see this nomination as a proof of the increased interest and focus on sustainability in the finance sector, and the importance for us to continue to deliver top-quality advisory services and contribute to change the way business is done.

Once again, congratulations Johanna to your well-deserved nomination!

List on all 33 talents under 33: https://www.aktuellhallbarhet.se/alla-nyheter/karriar/hela-listan-hallbarhetstalangerna-2020/